Nissan TechNews March 2019

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Inside the March 2019 TechNews:

Keep the Fuel Flowing

The diagnostics of fuel delivery systems have changed over the years and have become a lot more involved. Let’s take a look at the most common systems and how to fix them when things go wrong.

Nissan Sectioning Repair Tips

Which structural components are permitted to be sectioned differs among different Nissan models. 

Starting with the Starter

Step one; start the engine and allow to idle… it won’t start? Now it’s time to start with step zero — the starter. It now requires more advanced diagnostics and a few cool new tricks. Let’s take a look at modern and classic starting circuit diagnostics.

Fluid Advancements

R-1234yf and Dynamic Oil Change Intervals

Nissan LEAF Collision Repair Training from I-CAR®


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